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Feel the Hatred: Because it is so easy to do.


This is the true face of the internet, not a LOLcat, this.

So why are these complaints always showing up against great games as well as bad ones? Why are people so eager to shit on a game even if they haven't played it yet? Perhaps it is a withdrawal symptom of the intoxicating drug that is videogame hype? Where we allow our expectations to get pushed to a peak that no game can hope to meet, and are left bitter and disappointed when we find that the game is not perfect.
Maybe it’s because when we criticize a game we find that other people tend to listen or react more? So we madly attack any flaws the game may have in order to gain attention, tarnishing the game’s image in the process when it is completely unnecessary.

Why? Why do we have to hate? Sure, it’s easy but what do people hope to achieve by hating? Critiquing a game and offering feedback can allow the developers to learn from their mistakes and build better games. Hating on a game only causes flame wars and possibly harms a decent game’s reputation, affecting its sales and eventually how much money the developers will have to make their next game.

Hating is a waste of effort and energy, it is the vulgar mindless noise that can often make the difference between a person trying out a good game and a person avoiding a game because they heard on the internet that it was shit.

This has to stop. It’s unbridled hate like this that gives people like Jack Thompson power. All non-gamers need do is look at any gaming forum to see the hate running rampant though our beloved sub-culture’s veins, and that may contribute to why games are blames for so many of society's ills.

So, how about the next time someone you know starts hating when it is uncalled for, the next time somebody calls a good game shit because it has too many or not enough colors or for whatever half baked excuse they have, tell them to take a deep breath. Tell them to try and talk about what they love about games for a change instead of what they hate, if they do that they may just find that they actually have a lot more to talk about, and people might take them a little more seriously.

But be warned when trying to help those who hate to see the light of reason; people who hate don’t like to give it up, because for them it is the easiest thing in the world to do, especially when they have the anonymity of the internet on their side.

And also although you should not be put off from trying to help others quit their hate-addictions, be prepared to be greeted with the all-too-familiar catch cry (excuse);

Welcome to the internet.

p.s. Hookah Malone, you got what was coming to you.
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