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Dreamcast Day 08

As some of you may know on this day nine years ago a little machine called the Sega Dreamcast was born and there was much rejoicing (yaay...) so I thought I would throw up a little Happy Birthday blog post for everyone's favorite underdog. Since I am no longer in possession of one myself, sadly, I thought that the next best way to celebrate is to pull together a bunch of awesome ads from the era.

We start off with one of the creepiest marketing campaigns I have ever seen. While on the one hand attempting to convince you that your console is sentient is pretty bad ass cause who wouldn't want a robot best friend, but on the other hand it's always watching you... Always plotting it's next move. I found this notion to be mildly terrifying as a kid. This was espcially so since I didn't know exactly what the Dreamcast was at the time, I saw the date "9.9.99" plastered everywhere and had it burned into my brain before I knew it had anything to do with games. This ad wins because they don't even tell you WHAT exactly this thing is that is thinking and outsmarting you.

Now this angle is much less creepy and I kinda wish this one was used more, seeing all these characters interacting and smack talking each other is like some sort of mini cross over and is just cool. Then you got this weird kid who has the brilliant idea to stick his face into the glowing red triangle of his supposedly sentient machine. Good move.

Ah, Sonic Adventure, pretty much the only good 3D Sonic game. Sure there was 3D Blast and loads of games on the Saturn but none as awesome as this. Also amuses me how little this ad has to do with the game itself.

Now this is more like it. Basically what you have here is Tails introducing himself, giving you the short version of what's going on, and telling you about how he is off to save the world with Sonic. Notice the lack of "your console is alive! OOOoooOOOOooo". Who knew it was possible to get your point across without suggesting your console could become intelligent enough to kill you on a whim at any moment. Which brings me to this little gem...

It's like half the length of a short film. It's the Sega Dreamcast, you don't wanna fuck with it even in some Blade Runner-esc setting. It will find you, and you will pay.

SegaNet, destroying lives since 2001. Or at least it might be if it ever actually had worked. What more can I say about this one, it's ridiculous, it's about the dawn of console online gaming, it's awesome.

I could easily find many, many more and I haven't even gotten to touch on my favorite games from the console yet but I think for now this is more then enough. Here's to an awesome time with one of the coolest consoles there ever was. Happy Birthday Sega Dreamcast.
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