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Infinite Undiscovery: Ryu has a first impression


Yes, you will be hearing this alot. Among the yells of attacks, you will notice the battle system is pretty good, a sort of hybrid between FF XII real time enemy encounters and the tales series hack n slash action. When you go to your menu, the game does not pause, so items and equipment need to be used either quickly or when there is no enemy lurking around. This is what I've come to enjoy about the game so far, but there are a few things that have kept it from being great so far. The voice acting, while good, is overshadowed by bad lip syncing on the characters faces. Sometimes their mouths don't even open at all. This is a minor complaint, but is still unacceptable nowadays. The other problem I have with this game is direction, where the hell am I going now? You can talk to your party members, but all they will say is "alright, now lets go to Fayel." but won't tell you where the hell Fayel is, so you spend an hour roaming around until you find the right area. Other than that, it's pretty good, and when I finish it I think I will put up a complete overview of it (because I hate doing reviews) so look forward to that.
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