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Cblog Recap 09/08/08

No casualisms for tonight. I have a humongous migraine; recaps damn near killed me tonight. Have a look at my in-progress avatar instead:

My picks:

* BFeld13 hates Jim Sterling, and I agree :P

* TheGreatMango has a good point. Was Spore made less complex for the casuals?

* jestarinc serves up narrative gaming shortcomings and solutions. Good stuff.

* LBP manual leak. Get familiar now, make awesome stuff later

* Electro Gyno rants about OS elitism.

M- Heretic hates gamers; I think Heretic hates everyone

M- BFeld13 hates Jim Sterling, and I agree :P

M- NihonTiger hates that The Legend of Zelda doesn't actually have Zelda as the star.

M- unstoppablejuggernaut really, REALLY hates gamers. A little old but still relevant.

M- Perry Simm states his case for hating PAL conversions.

M- The-Excel hates his TV. If Dtoid ever has a contest for a TV, I hope you win :)

M- Tubatic has a real hatred for Medusa Heads

C- dvddesign's Cblog Xbox Achiev-a-Challenge

C- EarthbounderNess is giving away some PC lights, and a chance to light Necros on fire again :)

C- Qalamari is giving away a Vault Boy puppet

C- AgentMOO is having a contest; updated rules and template inside

C- EarthbounderNess plugs his contest again

W- the Golden Avatar has a winner for his PAX contest

E- Husky's belated PAX writeup

E- Wexx's Dtoid panel reflections

E- Naked Jim Sterling fappity fap. Not really, but really funny.

E- Hamza's moonlighting at PAX + Flickr Pics

E- Cutie Honey has some PAX pics. Part I: STRANGE AND AWKWARD!

E- ScottyG's belated PAX post

S- BRad! Where have you been?

S- ceej989, it happens to everyone. You're the only one who will admit it, however.

S- DynamicSheep RRod, cake, and CinciNarp adventures

I- Meet Meringue...bitches. Meringue, meet hazing. Welcome to Dtoid!

I- Hi Triox, welcome to Dtoid!

N- BFeld13 Hotel Dusk second run Matlocking

N- DJMegaMatX brings news of Jeff Green leaving 1UP, GFW Radio for the Sims. lolwut?

N- 7-11 is selling the new WoW expansion (Gwyddia)

N- Deus Ex 3 news (Stuvning)

N- Tragic Halo related gun accident maybe? Funny comments inside

N- Bikini zombie slayer simulator yeah! (CypherVR)

N- NOVASTRIKE Patch is up: trophies and more (SantanaClaus89)

R- Rockvillian reviews spore. He likey. Also draw moar stuff please

R- Gwyddia likes Pinatas. A lot.

R- Meringue loves crashing castles. Keep writing like this and you'll win the haters over :)

T- youkilledmyguy weighs in with some Mecenaries 2 PC thoughts

T- Deadeye's thoughts on Spore

T- cannedpasta and the Chipmunks games. Looks interesting

T- Gamestop sucks? You don't say...

T- Nilcam and some gaming thoughts

T- More Gamestop sucks. A dupe, but intelligent comments saved it from the fail pile. Nick Chester, your admission broke my heart a little :(

T- Thanks mcbennet, I'll never look at FFIV the same way again

T- Subenu serves up five reasons to own a Wii even if you hate Nintendo

T- Triox scores some sweet gaming deals at his local supermarket.

T- PeZ is late to the Crackdown party, but now knows how awesome it is

T- Michi loves Xbox Live. Insert joke here.

T- Any DS is better than no DS (Etel)

T- BlindsideDork shares his first 360 memory. Awwwww

T- Bwark-Kupo shares his first playthrough of FFVI. SPOILER ALERT

T- NihonTiger90 shares his recent gaming haul

T- ShadokatRegn shares her thoughts on Overlord

T- NBA Live 09(Demo) thoughts (BigBaby9199)

A- kevvo has a comics podcast

S- Gunota may be gone, but Dtoid is still here nilcam

L- WTF Gametrailers indeed skribble. Thanks for the nightmares

R- aaronf, this really belongs in the forums. I just couldn't resist saying that.

R- Post-University musings (busted1der)

V- BlindsideDork with an unfunny Olivia Munn video

F ... The world would be a better place if this had been settled with guns instead of Madden

F ... Shoulda been a PM

F ... Content is good, but copypasta can get you in trouble. Content is good, but copypasta can get you in trouble.

F ... copypasta fail

F ... copypasta fail part 2

F ... Reaprar's trolling almost saved this from fail. Just not enough content.

F ... Ironic title is ironic, no?
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