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Jeff Green leaving 1UP, GFW Radio

In high school, I would read pc gaming magazines like a mofo, reading reviews about games my 486 66 Mhz PC could never play in 1999 (no, that's not a typo). Out of these, the cream of the crop was Computer Gaming World, a magazine with such a host of excellent writers, the most amusing of which was Jeff Green. He had a back page column called Greenspeak and since all the game reviewers had their photos next to their columns, it felt like the readers had an opportunity to "know the writers" in a time before gaming websites were more mainstream.

While I never read much of the articles on 1UP, I listened to their podcasts and enjoyed GFW Radio, a podcast focused on PC gaming hosted by Jeff Green. His crazy voices, silly sense of humor, and pointed commentary on games was the main reason I tuned in and I am sad to read on his blog that will be leaving the 1UP community of sites and moving on to work for Maxis on the Sims franchise. He will be missed, but I'm sure his humor will show up in The Sims 3 or an expansion some way or another--then again, he might just be in a marketing job at Maxis, and I could be wrong entirely.

Anyone else read CGW or GFW back in the day or enjoy his podcast?

Ripples--Jeff Green's Blog Entry about leaving 1UP (Scroll down a little bit to read the entry).
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