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WTFGametrailers - Kind of VGR - chocolate man and bullshiz

Ok...I don't know what this was trying to achieve. I don't know why it was spawned in to existence. And I sure as hell do not know what the fuck I am looking at....

So I says to myself, I says, I feel like watching the Dead Space online comics again. So I stroll my way over to the godforsaken spit bucket of a website to watch myself some Dead Space when I am greeted with the most fuckass ugly advertisement I have ever fucking seen.

We all know Lynx has some fucking atrocious ads but for gods sake look at this abomination...

Now I don't care what you have to say about my blog posting skills or whether or not this is 4chan.

Just look at the fucking advertisement and tell me you don't feel the cold hand of death on your shoulder.
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