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KOTOR--I'm Playing It Wrong?

Based on king3vbo's advice, I decided to give Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic a second spin on the 360. I have enjoyed some BioWare games in the past, particularly Icewind Dale, but found the quests on the first planet of KOTOR a bit of a slog.

Getting to rescue a captive Jedi after a Flash-quality racing minigame was when the game was finally starting to feel like the Star Wars I remember. The Jedi Chick mentions you are Force Sensitive and probably are eligible for Jedi training, but then the game puts you on another quest to get codes to leave the scumbucket excuse for a planet.

I'm totally stuck at a point where I'm in a Sith Base and have to battle a Jedi. Credits are in short supply and it is a hassle to wander back and forth to purchase enough healing items to survive. The game is too hard since there is no healing spell at the beginning, but I'm assured things do get better. I've reloaded a zillion times and died even more. The Force is not with me.

Is it because I am playing KOTOR wrong? Too many years of playing JRPGs have made it so I approach console RPGs with a certain mindset-KOTOR is geared towards the PC RPG style of gameplay. Anyone else have this kind of issue with the game?
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