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Freezepop concert Monday for NorCal/Bay Area. Whose gonna meet me there? Anybody?


So here's the deal: I'm not really the biggest fan of Freezepop, but I know that they are a lot of fun, at least in Guitar Hero/ Rock Band. So when I found out that they were going to be playing this Monday night at 9 for a 21 and over show in San Francisco, I got pretty stoked. Hella stoked, even.

I'm wondering if there's anybody in "the internets," specifically Destructoid, who is in the bay area, and would like to go to the concert. It's only ten bucks, and even if the other bands blow, we know we'll be able to sing along to such classics as "Brainpower," "Less Talk More Rokk, and "Sprode."

And if you need a place to crash, we can work things out, as long as you're not a dirty clepto-pedo who will be a naughty little boy or girl. And I know a lot of you saw them play at PAX, so I hope they are decent live! Anyway, send me a message or drop a comment if you are interested. And if nobody is interested, I'll sit in a corner cause...

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