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Offline Multiplayer Gaming


Back in my day we didn't have this fancy internet thing. We had to actually get up out of our homes and go places to game. And if you were a PC Gamer that meant totting your rig around. Through snow, uphill both ways, using null modem cables, and alot of praying. If the gods shined down you might get to play some games together.

Kids these days don't get how easy it is to game with friends. They are spoiled by XBLA or MMORPG's. Being the old fuck that I am... I don't like the "New" way. I like meeting up with friends in person to enjoy a good game and some verbal sparring where trash talk originated. The more disconnected you are from your friends (or enemies depending) the more assholes you get. Eventually you are just playing some anonymous avatar with a racist/childish tone to everything they do or say.

I am starting this string of articles that will be reviewing games that focus on being in the same room with your gaming companions. If only to discuss something that isn't covered at all when reviews are done now-a-days. Start Rant: Why is it that the multiplayer aspects of games barely get more than a mention. Great... its in there, thanks! I could have read that on the frickin' box! Is it any good? How many players? What modes does it support? Will it keep us coming back? Its enough to drive any person to drink! End Rant. So hopefully these are some of the things that I will be covering, plus a bit more.

Most of my reviews will most likely be DS centric as that is the easiest platform to do this kind of gaming with via download play and wireless linking. I will also touch on the Wii (the 360 and PS3 will probably get less love right now, but hopefully either I or some friends will be picking them up). If I get bored I might also cover some retro stuff. I would welcome anyone else wanting to review these type games to add their own articles with the same title prefix (I'd love to find games that I have missed).

I have some games in mind that I am going to start with, but feel free to make suggestions. If you think this is a horrible idea... don't read anything from me with a title like "Offline Multiplayer Gaming: <GAME>"
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