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PAX game reviews


Developer: Pandemic Studios
Publisher: EA
Release Date: November 4th, 2008

LOTR:C was a tricky game to find. It was squished in-between the Mercenaries 2 station and the Mirror’s Edge station. Again, this was a game with short to no lines and since it was LOTR, it immediately caught my attention.

To give you an idea on what it is like, think Star Wars: Battlefront but MUCH better and in Middle-Earth and you have Conquest in a nutshell. The demo only showed the good side but apparently you can be on Sauron’s side as well, a neat little twist that’s a welcome change (I’m tired of being the damn hobbits all the time.).

In the demo there were four classes to choose from: Warrior, Archer, Mage and Thief. Each is self explanatory. Controls were simple in theory but in the demo, they were actually a little tricky to pull off right. The objectives for the battle (you were fighting in Minas Tirith at the end of the third movie) were not very informative and those damn trolls were WAY overpowered.

The demo was also very buggy, so I’m hoping what I saw and played was just that; a demo, and unfinished version of the game. But being a huge LOTR nerd, I’ll be buying this game as soon as it comes out. I mean, it does have some multiplayer modes as well as Co-op, so all my fellow LOTR geeks can circle-jerk each other.

I played a few others, but really nothing worth mentioning here. I also tried out some of the MMO’s coming out soon as well as Guitar Hero: World Tour but really GH:WT is just GH with drums.

As for my epic PAX recap, that's coming as soon as I upload all the videos and pictures off of my computer. Sorry, I've been really lazy. Just know that I do love you all and you all will get some epic credits.....eventually.
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