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PAX Preview: Hands on with Champions Online

Ok, I’ll admit it. I didn’t go to the Champions Online booth because I wanted to see if the game was any good. No, instead I saw the free gear they’d been giving away. Backpacks, skateboard decks, ping pong ball launchers. I suppose that’s the point of giving away free stuff, advertisement, but in this case, it worked. I set off towards the Champions booth in hopes of scoring some free swag.

The character I was given to play with was a pretty high level, with pretty good gear (from what I could tell). I got to test the combat system, but the game wouldn’t’ allow me to take any damage. I did get to fight one of the in-game event monsters that just randomly show up. A giant Hulk-like being descended from the heavens and I was able to fight. I was politely told that if this weren’t the preview, and I weren’t invincible, the monster would have used my head as toilet paper. There wasn’t much else to do in this build, however, so I put the controller down.

The graphics seemed a bit jaggy, and unfinished. The cel shading is nice, though, and I hope the final build has these things ironed out. Being mostly a splinter off of NCSoft, the guys from Cryptic Studios have some experience in this genre of MMO. Overall, it was an interesting experience, and something I’ll check out when it’s released. In order to get the loot I was seeking in the first place, I had to answer a daunting trivia question: When is Champions Online scheduled for release? Spring 09.
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