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PAX 2008: Yet another emo post about the most epic weekend in the history of all histories (yeah, that awesome) [with pictures]

We all knew this was coming. PAX has come, destroyed faces and left Seattle. A few of you to thank... *ahem*

(WARNING: "<3", "I'll see you soon" and "good to meet you" will be used frequently from here on out)

Original PAXers first:
- Droobies (we made it to #2, no free Bawls this year but plently of neon green testes, always good times with you)
- King3vbo (words cannot express how much I love stroking your goatee and playing Naked UNO on Xbox L... - shit, now everyone knows)
- Toneman (you are one of the most hardcore Dtoid people around, and you're Canadian - an enigma in itself, I better see you next year)
- Mid3vol (good to see you especially when we only see each other every so often)
- Dexter (I can't wait to hear your epic singing again, hope Libby had fun)
- Dyson (good to actually spend time with you, epic pho, San Fran fanboy talk, Team Awesome in full effect)
- Dale North (always good to chat with you, the hardest working man in bloggetry land)
- Colette (always good to see you, hope you got to enjoy PAX as much as the community did, <3 you rong time, Corette Benett!!)
- Topher (you owe me super cereal one-on-one time, no Slurpee for you)
- Tiff (<3<3<3 - she's not really leaving - you emo people, you)

- Samit (you made it, you know how much I enjoy your mom's curry recipe, I know how much you hate the Yankees right now, I know too much - about you)
- EternalDarkWing (Korey wasn't around much, goddam chievo whore thought there were gamerscore points to be claimed at PAX)
- Hollie (we've talked for a while on Dtoid and we finally meet, please come visit me soon and I promise you all the clotted cream and hot scones your heart desires)
- Riser Glen (you made it as well - it personally wouldn't have been PAX without you)
- Fooliz (fake British people are pretty cool, I guess <3<3<3 - I wanted to go to Vegas, I swear)
- Keener (always good catching up with you, I better see more of you soon)
- Guitaratomik (so glad you made it to PAX, always love hangin' with you)
- Blehman (best roomie - I will try to make it out to Texas, dude)
- Amber (good to see you again, have fun in Mexico with Sackboy)
- Rio (we got to hang again, yay - I <3 your mom)
- Suffocat (good time? - keep shakin' that change, boy)
- Wardrox (you're cool - not 'not cool', nice to meet you in the flesh)
- Tazar (you almost kissed me and you should be in prison for that - but I love you, so yea...)
- Asian Joe (you will be visiting NY soon if you like it or not, your DDR work is astounding)
- Itemforty (my favorite honorary Asian on the planet, always plenty of laughing and rice eating when you're around)
- Hoygeit (I hope to see you again soon, that means before the next PAX)
- Bigpopa (you act like we just saw each other yesterday, always good times - give Left4Dead a chance, you bastid)
- Ceark (my Korean Dtoid brother, you were a great replacement for Charlie - we'll hang in LA soon, man - rich man cigs FTW)
- Macca (fucking love you, dude - move here already)
- Coonskin (your drunkeness confuses me and I love you for that)
- Necros (you seriously thought I hated you, I hope you die in a fire in your sleep - fuck, it didn't work - <3 you, dirty hippie)
- LostCrichton (probably the definitive Dtoider right here, awesome hangin' with you, Pacific Dick fo lyfe!)
- CutieHoney (you are the multi-Asianest person ever, see you in TF2)
- -D- (too bad we never kicked it earlier, you crack me the fuck up)
- Butmac (Butner is the shiznit, folks - come to Barcade, faggala)
- Kryptinite (a pleasure to meet you, please give Necros the beating he deserves next time)
- Counting Conflict (you are awesome)
- DJ Duffy (<3, I didn't let you buy me a drink, lol)
- Liz (you are pretty damn cool, keep Dorian in check)
- Nintendoll (you rock, I won't be scared of you at NARPs now)
- Superflossy (we finally get to chat and drink, your account won't be banned after all, AZN<3)
- Powerglove (good to see you represent NY at PAX, you are damn classy when you play them Rock Band drums)
- Naia / Zero Atma (good to see you guys again)
- Hitogoroshi (nice to meet you, dude)
- Tactix (sucks I had no idea who you were, good times)
- ScottyG (nice Ms. Pac Man score, man - wish I was in the Canadias more)
- Ghost (great to meet you, definitely some epic conversations with you)
- Husky (I finally got to mansecks you in the ear, I cracked up pretty good when you got into that dude's car - you're such a dick)
- DVD / Aaron (yo, we finally meet - a pleasure hangin with you)
- nademagnet (stop changin yo damn avatar, stick to big hats)
- Stella (hope to talk to you more next time we meet, be good to my little Topher)
- Pinksage (I think I forgot to call you, I saw you for like 5 minutes)
- Chad (everyone hogged you from me :( - you are ridiculously funny, hope to see you soon in LA)
- CTZ (I love you to death, you are such a mailbox head - but I still love you)
- Nick Chester (we meet once again, Editor-Fancy-Guy - I didn't get to see any amazing Rock Band or karaoke performances, you owe me for next time)
- Dan Paladin (a pleasure seeing you again, congratulations on the success of your vidya game!)
- Qais, Conrad, ImpossiblePlant, Aerox, Nihontiger, DigitalD, Crocbox, McSnow, Knives, Taumpytears, Poopshooter, kapkomi and whoever else I forgot to mention, too many goddam people, love you all.

- Niero (look at what you did, how happy you're making all of these fools - thank you, again - congratulations on an amazing and successful panel at PAX - hope to see you soon, meng <3<3<3<3<3)

A few pieces of photographic evidence:

Heath Ledger reincarnated into Necros' body, Riser looks away in disgust

I better see all of you in Seattle or at PAX East next year. No excuses.
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