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PAX '08: Pheoinx won't stop crying edition.

After attempting to successfuly re-cap what happened at PAX, I quite simply, gave up. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how an experience such as this can be successfully re-capped. I could possibly write for ever and still leave something out, at best; it was a whirlwind of a few days. It was the best, most amazing, most surreal experience I have ever been through. I’m broke but it was worth every penny I own.

I’m on the plane home when I wrote this, first to arrive, and besides Tazar and The incredible edible egg (Asian Joe), who we have said our final and upsetting goodbyes to at the boarding gate, we are also the last to leave.
Meeting all of you was the most heart warming thing I have ever done, saying goodbye was the most heartbreaking.

Sunday night we toasted to family, this is what we are. We are one great big totally fucked up family. You guys are the forums, the Cblogs, the Ventrillo, the IRC, the CBM and the community. The community I am so damn proud to call myself a member of.

What more can I ever ask of you guys? I have been given great friends, a bit of romance, a lot of laughs, amazing memories, a broken liver and re-affirmation that I’m a geek and damn, damn proud of it.

Thank you all so much everyone, I love you all to death and I miss you all beyond comprehension, you guys are the only ones will understand how overwhelming and fucking incredible this trip was, because to everyone else I know, I was the very odd girl, who travelled all the way to America to meet people off the internet.

Thank you to GHost, Gutiaratomik, Nia the gamer and coonskin, cos I stole your pictures.
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