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Post PAX Plea - Warning: Sappiness Inside

It should take less then a second.

Moments are brief intervals of time. They're meant to be small enough that a breath can feel like an eternity. Something so infinitesimally small, yet have a profound impact. Having just a single great moment that you will never forget would make any trip worthwhile. I was lucky to take part in countless moments during my stay in Seattle. There was some bad (like my hotel bathroom lighting attempting to kill my toiletries) but the good moments were SO numerous and SO enjoyable that nothing now can dampen my enthusiasm to go again next year.

'Unbelievable' fails to capture how fantastic the experience was.
Seeing the DToid panel and the gathering for the group picture afterwards has never made me feel more proud and blessed to be part of this community. Socializing well into the night, every night, I was able to meet the amazing DToid staff and community members. We spoke to each other like we had known each other for our entire lives. Even though, for many of us, we were meeting each other for the first time.

Don't make excuses not to go. I'm asking you, those who were unable to to go, to go next year. Sell blood or vital organs (not your own obviously - you need those for the food and alcohol) to get the cash. You might even want to try selling guns and/or drugs. They can net a sizable profit... I'm told.

You won't regret it.
Oh, I guess the actual PAX event was pretty cool too.

See everyone at PAX 2009. Thank you so much everyone at PAX 08 and I hope to see you all again. I love you guys.

(Just need to apologize. I really wanted to share this but I don't have a lot of pictures to pace the post.)

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