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PAX 08: What I brought home


PAX is like my Mecca (not my Macca, who is also amazing), and I turn to the northwest three times a day to pray to the benevolent geek gods that I shall survive another year to make the pilgrimage back. And, as would be expected, I wind up returning with all sorts of strange and sundry delights. With this being my first year hanging with the Destructoid community, I also seem to have come home with an odd, burning, itching sensation. I shall treasure it always. Here are some of the other goodies I picked up while at the show.

The Behemoth booth had these totally awesome Castle Crashers toys and I had to own one of them. They're just so freakin' beautiful. I couldn't decide which of the knights I wanted to call my own already, and then they tossed a Barbarian figure into the mix. It was all too much to choose from, so I just bought them all. They come with the shield matching their character and four weapons each. All of the Knights had the same stuff (A dead fish, bloody sword, bloody axe, and mace) and the Barbarian has his own special gear and felt clothes. There is a stand to put them on and it has holes to contain the unused gear. And, finally, they come with a plastic display box to protect them from dust/pets/children. Super cool. I just wish they were selling the incredibly cool castle they had on display.

I love MC Frontalot. He's easily my favorite of the Nerdcore Hip-Hop genre (though I do enjoy Optimus Rhyme and MC Chris). He had his new album, Final Boss, on sale for the first time at the show. Really good stuff and features contributions from Jonathan Coulton, Wil Wheaton and Schaffer the Darklord (among others). While I was at his booth, I also picked up a t-shirt bearing the international symbol for Nerdcore

In the next booth over, the fine folks at Vaguely Qualified Productions had the Nerdcore Rising documentary available on DVD. It follows MC Frontalot on his first nationwide tour back in 2006 and features commentary on the growing Nerdcore movement from people like "Weird Al" Yankovic, Brian Posehn and legendary hip-hop producer Prince Paul. I missed the main theatre showing at PAX, so I picked up the DVD and watched it last night. Quite entertaining. They also had a soundtrack CD with assorted Nerdcore artists, but I decided to skip that one.

The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets also played at PAX on Saturday night. I'd heard a few of their songs in the past, and it has that rough-around-the-edges vibe that most self-produced indie music does. Even if I hadn't particularly enjoyed their music (I did, but it isn't among my all-time favorites or anything), I'd support them on concept alone. Rock music based on H.P. Lovecraft? That's like getting Jesus in my peanut butter. They had four albums for sale and I'm in the midst of listening to them now. I like what I hear, but it definately isn't for everyone.

Finally, some more PAX-related stuff. Paint the Line is one of my favorite series of comics Gabe and Tycho have done in a very long time. Knowing this, my incredibly awesome fiance picked me up a Paint the Line 2 t-shirt. There's a kickass Dead Space art book she bought for me in there too. The show's program was also very cool, as it usually is, and I love the Cardboard Tube Samurai art on the cover. The back has a pretty epic Gabe-drawn advertisement for Fallout 3, too.

Speaking of Fallout 3 (which I got to play for a full, uninterrupted, 45 minutes!!! OMG!!!), Bethesda was giving away these post-apocalyptic survival guides with all sorts of (somewhat) useful advice for hacking it in the wasteland. They were also giving away Fallout Boy hand puppets, but it was some kind of prize deal for attending their demo in the main theatre. I would have probably killed somebody to get one, but I couldn't find a sharp implement in time to catch my flight.

And I wore the helmet. Epic PAX was FUCKING EPIC. I love you all so very, very much. This site is one of the best things that's ever happened to me and I just want you all to know that.
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