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Hey Halo Movie! Why Not Be Indy?

Other than seeking out gaming news almost everyday. I’m also looking into the goings on
of the film world. Talk of a Halo Movie won’t die and go away. Just thinking and blogging on
this one, hear me out.

When I say the Halo movie should be indy I don’t mean it should
“nuke the fridge”, but be an independent film. If for what ever reason Microsoft can’t
come to terms with a studio then why not make one of the largest independent movies
since Star Wars? It’s easy to forget that no studio owns Star Wars as an Intellectual
Property instead it’s always belonged to George Lucas. Certainly at the highest end of the
“indy” spectrum with the flicks costing over $120 Million a pop to make it does set a
precedent for Microsoft to go by. If they’re so bent on having Neil Blomkamp direct the
flick, which is rumored to be one the many hang ups, then just come out of pocket and buy
who ever for whatever job they want to use them for. That’s exactly what Marvel Studios is
doing calling the shots, using the “Big Studio Machine” solely as distributors all while making
their own internal decisions for this year’s Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.

Some say “Well George Lucas was already in to film and Marvel is just now taking more
control of their own properties...” Last time I checked in America you can buy some one
for whatever the hell you want, that includes making movies. Get an experienced film
producer on your payroll to handle the shit you know nothing about like the actual movie
making part. Step in where ever and when ever. For better or worse the director’s gonna
be Blomkamp. Done. Microsoft’s bean counters can probably figure away to make this
thing a $200 million dollar tax write off if it turns out to be complete and total shit. Just say
it’s a contribution to independent cinema and higher learning in film schools or something.

Just musing here. Halo’s not my favorite series but ranks high enough. The fav has to
be Metal Gear I already watched the CG Movie of that while I played the game and feel no
need for a live action flick to even bother trying to touch any of that wacky Hideo
Kojima nonsense. Any thoughts?

(BELOW) Video used to drum up interest in the HALO MOVIE back when
people were getting off their asses to get a movie done.
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