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So You Want to be a Game Developer

First a Facpalm,
Then a preface

My friends are all knowledgeable about gaming and we all have a tech background. Some more than others, but we are a group of programmers, graphic artists, writers and mostly in the CIS/IT field.


My friend, who i have known for a while, suggested a wild idea. "Why don't we start a game company" he says. Now you don't know me but i have a terrible quality of jumping into something, without having a single idea of what I'm doing. Now I'm not saying i didn't have a clue pertaining to the subject but it was close to that. I agreed and we tried to gather up some cohorts from our friends.

Of course at the start of any project, everyone is ambitious and wants to get involved. We formed a group and started banging out ideas for what the first game could be exactly. I do work for a hosting company so I was easily able to procure a server for our needs and host our website on it. We got our story writer(me), artists, programmers. Well we were missing a solid sound guy, some of us dabbled but none of us were serious about it.

Things started chugging along and then they stopped. Many were not willing to give up the time necessary for the longer term project that we had thought up. Things were grinding along at a very slow pace. The arguments were many, although argument might be too strong a word, but the forums filled up quickly.

Next Time on

So You Want to be a Game Developer

Torque and Unreal and Ogre3D oh my,
What is a developer to do.
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About Natakouone of us since 3:25 AM on 02.04.2008

Hi Everyone,

So the main reason I wanted to start this blog was to chronicle my stumbling through trying to make a game. It's hard, annoying and I am big on writing. Which means it's time to sooth the soul by getting my gripes on paper.

I come from Poland, but I imagrated here when I was 7. I have come to live in South Amboy, New Jersey. I do work mostly in the tech industry. I enjoy a job as a datacenter NOC where I do pretty much nothing. Tho thanks to the internet connection there is never any shortage of stuff to do.

I have owned many consoles, and still do, mostly having to do with me being pack rat. But my main love is my pc. I'm on the go a lot so pc gaming is the most convenient. Tho thanks to this i have a pretty bad MMO habit on eve-online, heh. Otherwise I'm a big fan of rpg's, fighters and shoot em' ups but ill try anything once.

My Consoles:
Many Gameboys,Gba's,Ds's

Most of those I came into possession of after I got my ps2, I paid a pretty penny for the Saturn stuff. I don't own a genesis but since the proliferation of emulation I don't see a reason to own one unless I come across a sweet collection I can pick up all at once.