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The Retroforce Game Museum: woodworking 95% complete!


As of last night, I am 95% done with the woodworking on The Retroforce Game Museum. I added the speaker shelf and the back door, and then I used wood putty to smooth over all the areas where I had countersunk the screws. That way, when it is painted, you’ll never know they were there. I realized I needed an extra hinge for the front door, and I’m waiting on my slot-cutting bit from t-molding.com so I can route the edges. Just those two things left and it’ll be ready for prime and paint. I’m so glad to finally be finishing the woodworking!!! I’m hoping by this weekend I’ll have it painted and then I’ll start the wiring.

Here are some pictures of its current state…

Speakers! I drilled the holes and then routed out 1/2” in the back to set the speaker units in. I need to figure out some way to secure them to the wood, I just threw ‘em in there to see how it looked. I may de-case them. Would that make the sound quality bad? I’m no audiophile, they just need to be LOUD.

The rear door is installed. Note the authentic lock! (For some reason I’m really excited about those locks :)

Here she is all wood-puttied up, and posing with the retro-vac! Like I said, the front door isn’t attached yet because I need to get another piano hinge, but I just propped it up with a 2x4 to see how it looked. It will also get a cam-lock like the back door.

Player’s eye-view. The controls sit at the perfect height for standing, even though the unit is rather small. The monitor is at a roughly 30 degree angle.

Control panel close up. I’ve since sanded the trackball area flat and flush with the rest, it wasn’t dry in time for this shot.

Before I settled on the final side art design, I was toying with the idea of having these “D-toid Kids” as characters. I guess they would battle the evil Mr. Destructoid, destroyer of rubik’s cubes. They are obviously heavily inspired by Mega Man/Astro Boy. I decided they were unnecessary, and I didn’t end up using them, but I thought you might be interested…

Today I reworked the artwork for the Retroforce Go t-shirts, and sent it off to Dyson. While I was mucking about in Adobe, I thought; why not make a couple desktop wallpapers? If you’d like another size, leave a comment or PM me. I just figured these are probably the most common, well they’re the ones I use anyway :)
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