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What? No dreamcasts :o?!

*shock and awe* a post not about getting a dreamcast ;p Guess I'm gonna try something else :P

Yeah I'm gonna use that as a banner/split bar till I find something else :P

Hmmm well... to start out with....

Ah right :o flash games :o

Well here's a couple flash games you might have fun with ;p

First one:

You've all seen this type of game I'm sure. Dunno wtf it's called but you go foward constantly and you have to avoid hitting the top, bottum, and any obstacles. You go up by pressing space and go down by just letting go ;p

Well in my opinion, this is the best rendition of that sort of game ;p It looks pretty, has a nice techno song for each level, a tiny little back story and your triangle is a spaceship this time around :P Can't say no to that :o

Well the second flash game :o Winterbells.


I'm sure some of you have heard of it and played it ;p fun little game

The object is to get as many points as possible, you do this by jumping on bells going higher and higher. Jumping on a bird doubles your points, you just continuously go up until you fall ;p The bells get smaller as you go.

Warning: Music sucks and you can' turn it off.

Now since I feel like having some fun I'm going to offer up a contest :o Nothing amazing, the stuff isn't worth more than like 20 bucks altogether, but they're games, they're free, and I'll pay for shipping to mainland USA!

What do you have to do? Beat my high score (it's fairly high, but not unbeatable I've seen higher afore) No I won't tell you high score, you'll find out if you get anywhere close ;p

Now some rules:

-You must use Firefox.
-You must use a windows XP based PC.
-You must have video proof (yes a video ;p, like get a digital camera and record these 3 things.)

#1 -----------------------------------------

#2 -----------------------------------------

#3 -----------------------------------------

Yeah so the top url, the bottum taskbar, and the previous high score part. They must have those things exactly. Why those 3 things? To know you aren't cheating ;p No fraps use a digicam, webcam, or camcorder.

Why only firefox? Cause opera sucks and we all know why we shouldn't use IE
Why only XP? Cause macs suck, vista sucks, and linux I'll actually let slide ;p

The contest will run for 1 week on dtoid.

Stuff I got for my collection since last blog: (actually got all of it today since I'm not listing the stuff since my last blog :P)

First off: The sidewinder, didn't even know existed until today. A surprisingly awesome controller. It's the better part of 10 years old but has the best motion control yet. Was using it for crimson skies and liked it just as much as the mouse, and somehow Crimson Skies filled in all the buttons perfectly o_0 Also came with 2 free games in it that I'm never gonna play ;p Still a pretty damn awesome "joystick" controller. It's a joystick not a controller btw ;p and handles better then a normal joystick for PC to boot. - PRICE: FREE

And: A wavebird (one of the best wireless controllers around as I'm sure you all know :P for 17 bucks which is a pretty damn good price). Also the Fallout 3 preorder promo shit. This is the third one I've gotten. Comes with a soundtrack of some 80's music and a poster. First one I opened, 2nd I gave to a friend, this one I'm keeping sealed to go with Fallout 3 Collectors Edition (PC of course) when I get it ;p BOBBLEHEAD FTW. - PRICE: Wavebird: $17, Fallout 3 Promo: FREE

Website of the blog:

Free streaming music with a playlist ;p saves your playlist to your account of course (you have to make an account, it's free though)

It's got most of everything ;p So why not?

Anime of the blog!

Well here's something probably not at all new ;p I'm going to put up an episode of an anime series in every blog (completed series only, but I'm not doing a blog every day :|) And there will be another episode up every blog ;p Though I'm sure if any of you watch the first episode and like it you'll go ahead and download the whole thing but hey I don't care :D

Well to start off!

Tripping the rift: So it's not an anime ;p But still something good to start off with. Funny hot and full off knock-off jokes. It's definitely worth watching ;p

Link to megaupload (you don't need an account but are limited to how much you can download per hour or so without one, plenty to dl an episode of TTR) Pretty fast direct DL.

Alright well enjoy the blog! ;p

Also just so I don't break form I did get another dreamcast :P A regular ass white one though so no pictures, I couldn't resist $15 shipped for a DC, spare parts or somethin hell.....
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