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Cblog Recap 8/24/08-8/25/08 and Casual-isms

Well, I'm new to recapping, so bear with me mmmmkay? I'm gonna make a few mistakes, and wow will this look ghetto until I find some time to make some graphics. So here we go...

Casual's picks

Adorable Alert
Screw you guys, I love cute stuff.

The Ship Mondays
If I wasn't so utterly addicted to TF2, I would totally join you guys.

Rate it before you play it? You embarassed gamer!
Don't be a sheeptoid, basically.

Thoughts on Binonic Commando: RA from someone who never really "got" the original
It's ok to like the remake, and not the original. Just don't let the RetroForce GO! crew know where you live, ok?

Truly the GREATEST VIDEO GAME SONG EVAH! All the hiphop heads say "Hell Yeah!"
This song will never get old

Holy Shigeru! A Metroid fan's (wet) dream come true!
Gee, wonder how this made it into the picks section?

So I bought my 3 year old his first game for his B-Day. This is going to be awesome.
Quick story: I bought my nephew that Smart Cycle bike/videogame thing. He played with it for about five minutes, got bored, and played with the box from the Smart Cycle for the next five hours or so. I'm just sayin'

Instant Replay: leaderboards
Because I know how you feel Dexter. When you finally grab the top score in your Friends leaderboard, and the bastard sets some astronomically high score you'll never beat? And then you tell yourself stuff like, "well at least I'm better looking"? Yup, just like that.


Destroyiodiodea? Dtoad.. Dee Toad did what?


Collectible Video Games

The Retroforce Game Museum: Control Panel Overlay

Disgaea strategy for the Hardcore.

Sunday Night Musings: PSX Games Still Fun

Old School Games - Little Nemo The Dream Master

5 games I'd love to see "pull a Megaman 9" - part three

1 house, 1 week, 2 xboxes, 2 RRODs

Why I'm Ashamed: FF7 Crisis Core

So I bought my 3 year old his first game for his B-Day. This is going to be awesome.

Quest for Glory II Remake

Best week ever?

Some Hilarious stuff and a little about my weekend.

Why I'm Really Excited About Far Cry 2

Bungie.....please do something other than HALO!

Best Video Game Song Since "Still Alive" Courtesy of Mercenaries 2

The ten most annoying game protagonists. Cowzilla3's first list.

More Wiimote Hacks

Xbox 360 Update+GTA DLC Arriving in November

Too Human Review: Too Epic or Too Bad?

Before they were Famous Epic Megagames : Jill

Free Play: You Have To Burn The Rope (a must play)

Xbox 360 Update+GTA DLC Arriving in November

Valkyria Chronicles impressions


Say Say Say PAX

The Art Dump (Week 5: Makani Must Have The Orange Box Edition)

PAX: Need place to stay

Oh Dear, those feminists are at it again...

All other

Would anyone like to buy my PAX pass?

Comic-con 2009 4-day passes..I has one. Also TF2

PAX: Need place to stay

Answers to The Great Retro Olympics!: Closing ceremony

The Many Concerns of Denis Dyack

Buy my Beta Key!!!!

[NVGR]Kat Dennings is Hot.

What'd You Get? - PAX Week Edition

Instant Replay

Instant Replay: Metal Gear Solid 2

Instant Replay: leaderboards


Da Coach(Hines that is)
Yep, it's common knowledge that MadTV hasn't been funny in like, forever. Also "NVGR" is your friend.

My Gaming Room *update*
I am soooo showing your parents that (A) you're a slob, and (B) that you stole your Dad's porn. Clean that pigsty up, then take some pics. Welcome to Destructoid, BTW.
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