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Force Unleashed is good, but I hate it


So I downloaded the Force Unleashed demo today and played through it pretty quickly. I have to say it's the most fun I've had with the force in a long time though I saw plenty of imperfections along the way too. Fighting is great and all but could be a bit more robust. I'm guessing as you gain upgrades it will become that way and start to get a bit more fun to just cut guys up with the light saber. I love throwing guys around and all but I was hoping for a bit more variation in the combat than lift box, throw box, kill people, but sadly that seemed to be the best way to kill people and going about it other ways was fun but relatively pointless.

From the ending cinematic and other things I've seen I think there will be a shit ton more to do with light savbers and stuff so I'm not too worried about that. Controls were fine though they felt a bit loose, especially when jumping. I realize the guy is a Jedi but he jumps like a fucking kangaroo, all the way up to the ceiling of some hallways. It's a little off putting. As for the force controls they work perfectly 90 percent of the time. I got caught not being able to pick up things plenty of times and I wasn't sure why, or I'd pick up the wrong thing because I changed my camera angle even the slightest bit. I'm hoping it's a practice makes perfect thing and not an annoying gameplay mechanic thing. I'm especially hoping that because it would literally mean I had to learn how to use the force, which is a concept so awesome it makes sliced bread look like a pet rock. Sliced bread here being the most awesome thing ever and a pet rock being not that.

My last little complaint that may pan itself out differently once the full game is released is the AI of the enemy. Basically it comes down to duck and hide. Which is all good except I can move almost everything they hide behind, making them total idiots. That's actually fine, I'm a fucking jedi afterall, I should be able to dispatch with the solider relatively easily. On the other hand when the storm troopers start committing suicide I get worried. In one part of the level you are on a lift. The lift goes up and bad guys start attacking you. I stayed on the lift a bit to long and it went back down. What did the bad guys do? They fucking ran off the edge and plummeted to their deaths chasing after me. Don't get me wrong, it was fun to watch but that seems like a major AI glitch or something.

I caught one in midair and flung him back up, though. Making the whole thing totally awesome.

Overall the demo just wanted to make me buy the game more and play through it since those complaints don't ruin the awesome at all. So why do I hate it? Because I got so excited about Star Wars in general that I decide I'd start rewatching the movies, Episodes 1-6. Do you know how bad Phantom Menace? I'm sitting here watching it thanks to Force Unleashed and thus it has become my mortal enemy in life. I paused it about half way through and let myself have a good cry. Thank god most of the characters in this movie are dead in the game.

In fact now that I think about it, this game will get the universe in order for episodes 4-6 meaning it destroys the first three films. It's like a holy savior coming on down from high. Except it's evil and makes you watch bad movies.
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