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The Aging Gamer: The Highs and Lows of Gaming - Pt 4: Seeing the Light (conclusion)


Part 1: The Early Years
Part 2: PC Gaming
Part 3: The Dark Ages

Seeing the Light
So what was it that brought me back into the full fold of gaming... There were several factors, but these are the important ones.
1. The Right Game:
Animal Crossing was the first game that got me playing and kept me coming back for more. For each person this would be a different type of game, but the open-endedness of Animal Crossing and the collection issues I have made this one of the games that got me playing by myself. While I still went back to just playing multiplayer games, this one created the spark, that would later be flamed.

2. The Right Platform:
The DS was purchased mainly for the ability to play single-card and multi-card games with friends. This accessible system can be picked up and played (and left on all the time) at a moments notice. I had no excuse that i couldn't find time anymore.

3. The Right Motivation:
My son was the single largest reason that I have completely gotten back into the gaming fold. I wanted to have him enjoy his childhood as I did. This made me remember what I liked about mine. I also wanted to be able to show him the ropes. Seeing the current generation of systems, I knew that I wanted him to get a taste for the old, and not be spoiled by the present/future. All of this creating a large desire to relive the past and create a life infused with gaming for me and my sons.

4. The Right Friend:
Someone to kick me in my ass and show me the ways of old. A friend (digtastik) also rekindled my love of the NES and games on the SNES (and other systems) that I never got to play. And for some reason he kept sending me to Destructoid.

5. The Right Community:
Finally Destructoid and the awesomeness that is this community. I have an outlet with people that have varying but similar backgrounds to myself. There seems to be this common love of games here that I haven't found anywhere else. There is also a lack of suck on here which I am optimistic will continue. This place and the podcasts (mostly RetroForceGo!) have stoked my love for retro games that I never got to play.

Words of Advice
Things I have taken away from my relationship with games over the years that I will try and impress on my sons...
1. Spread the love:
Don't pigeonhole yourself or games. If you really like PC Gaming go with it, but also find time to play some of the other systems. If you really love RTS's find a great RPG that you can curl up with for awhile.

2. Riding the Rollercoaster:
You are going to have your ups and downs, if its something you truly love, you will always come back to it some way or another. In other words... don't force yourself to try and like something, if you need to take a break, take it.

I have said it before and I will say it again and again... don't sell/throw away/trade-in systems or games. You will ALWAYS regret it later. Even if it is total crap (I wish I still had my Nintendo Glove).
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