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The Aging Gamer: The Highs and Lows of Gaming - Pt 3: The Dark Ages


At this point in my gaming relationship I had to fall back in love with consoles. It was a long road, I slowly stopped PC gaming altogether, as I was falling in love with OS X. I bought a Gamecube and I avoided the PS2 only because I was a bit of a Nintendo fanboy (which I have now resolved for the most part). During this time I was starting to play more, but I would really only game with other people, because that is what my last 8 years of LAN gaming had taught me. Playing in person with others rocked... I just couldn't find the desire or time to play anything by myself. I also couldn't get into MMO's because that made no sense to me. Why the hell would I want to play with a bunch of people I don't know, and would likely never meet. The single player games would allude me for a little longer, but things were going to change soon...

Favorite Games of the Dark Ages (a short... sad list):
Total Annihilation
Quake 3
Dungeon Siege
Virtua Tennis
Soul Caliber
Soul Caliber 2

Part 4: Seeing the Light (conclusion)
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