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Thriving on negativity, murderous trends and behaviours

I'm a man of many opinions. And often I can go to extremes on certain subjects. And now I
have found a problem I must call out against. that problem is negativity.
A problem with modern society and media is there is an incessant obsession with taking a
negative stance on subjects. It seems in my reviewing of these observations, reviews and
editorials, I have come to the disturbing conclusion that people do not see an object in a
overwhelmingly negative view because of the pessimism and fatalism on display in the
personalities of modern north americans, as rather a hip trend to blast something. The
negativity on display turns modern journalism into a joke, making every piece of insight and
news into nothing more than a overblown work of sensationalism. People scream and scream
and bitch and bitch because it brings them attention and they can delude themselves into
thinking that people care about their opinions. and so this poisonous mentality leaks into their
readers, turning them into sheep-like shadows of those writing the stories. Stories and
opinions nowadays lack objectivism and become shameless trend setters, praising what is
deemed good to be praised, blasting what is deemed to be blasted. And that makes me sad.
Too Human, Clone wars, and hundreds of movies and films of their kind have been blasted
and humiliated in the face millions of people. we lack objectivsm, are deliberately negative
and place things on such high bars that we lose the ability to realize that the function of these
things are to entertain us. once we remove the ability to see that they are just for fun we lose
the point of playing and watching them. Entertainment can not be more than entertainment,
and if we lose that objectivsm, we have no right to judge a product.
If this the direction is heading, I want no part of it.
next time, fanboyism. Unhealthy obsessive behavior on trivial things.
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