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NYC NARP: moar pics + video + random thoughts

More stuff from the epic NYC NARP last weekend.

Some random stuff:
Katamari hugs come out of nowhere and engulfs everyone.
Power-Glove + Rock Band drums = cereal bizness
Mechamonkey = most down-ass brotha alive
Zen = most gracious host ever.
Everyone else was awesome too.
We all sang Never gonna give you up, but no video exists. :(
Nish-Nosh? Whatever it was, those chips were awesome. Svedka vodka, not so much.

Poor Power-Glove. (turn down your speakers/headphones; sound is crappy)

Tino, Mechamonkey, Cataract(I think, I was really drunk), Devon (epic beard). Power-Glove is seated on the rock band drum kit.

Devon, Mechamonkey, Nintendoll, and Superflossy

Tino, Mechamonkey, Cataract, Devon(back to camera), and Power-Glove

Gracious host Zen, and friend whose name I forgot. Damn you alcohol!

Superflossy and Nintendoll

Infinite Obscurity, Cataract, Devon, Tino, and Nintendoll committing epic quintuplet rock band vocal fail. The first of many; it was the mic's fault though.

Take 2, still fail lol

Tino, Cataract (seated), and Samit.
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