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Dark Link's Inner Struggle (Comic Con 2008)


A couple weeks ago, I posted a thread with my Dark Link cosplay pictures. (http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Geoff/dark-link-cosplay-pictures-96172.phtml)

My good pal, Mxyzptlk said:
"Nobody understands Link's inner torment. Time to write poems about vampires."

I decided to take his statement head on.

"Dark Link's inner torment is almost unbearable. So he puts on his emo glasses and goes to Comic Con 2008 to non-verbally tell everyone about his struggle."

This is more of a personal project for me (notice the lack of FC intro/outro), but hell, hopefully everyone can enjoy this. Funny story about this, the video was originally intended to be just me acting like I was unintentionally shaking my ass in front of strangers, not to mention an extremely shaky camera with only 3 minutes of footage. But after like hours of work, it is actually more artsy than I thought it would be.

Hope you enjoy!
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