Zoe gets (not really) animated for SSX comic clip - destructoid

Zoe gets (not really) animated for SSX comic clip

2:30 PM on 08.24.2011

Nick Chester

Former Editor-in-Chief (2011)

Motion comics. Gotta love 'em. They're not really comics and they're not really animated shorts, they're just... whatever this is. It's like the budget was a little over that of what it would cost to create a comic book, but just shy of a full animated short. So you get these... things. 

No matter. Electronic Arts could throw anything SSX-related at me and I'd bite. After years of waiting for a true high definition entry to the series, we're about to get one early next year. I couldn't be more excited. Going hands on with an early version of the game this year, I felt right at home with the game's controls. And coming out of gamescom, our own Daniel Carneiro is calling it his "game of the show." That's big praise coming from a longtime fan of the series. 

Anyhow, enjoy this Zoe motion comic book, which features no SSX gameplay and more comic than motion. 

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Nick Chester
Former Editor-in-Chief (2011) follow
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