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Zen Studios putting on Ms. Splosion Man table tournament

3:00 AM on 05.11.2012

Brett Zeidler

Contributor and Engineer

I hope you've been practicing the Ms. Splosion Man table on Pinball FX2, because Zen Studios has teamed up with Twisted Pixel to put on another high score tournament. Starting on May 18th, all you have to do to enter is play a round between then and May 25th.

The first, second, and third place players will receive Microsoft Points, a download code for Marvel Pinball Avengers Chronicles, and the truly awesome Ms. Splosion Man slingshot plushie. If you're not a pinball wizard, you will of course still be entered into a random drawing for other various prizes that Zen Studios will be giving out.

I've been really getting into pinball again lately, and the Ms. Splosion Man table has been one of my go-to table as of most recently. Destructoid's resident pinball nerd Conrad Zimmerman has an absolutely insane score for this table (and just about every table), so my goal for this tournament is to somehow at least beat his score. Anybody have any tips to get an impressive score on this one?

Full list of prizes below:

1st Place

  • 4000 Microsoft Points
  • Code for Marvel Pinball Avengers Chronicles
  • Ms Splosion Man slingshot toy

2nd Place

  • 1600 Microsoft Points
  • Code for Marvel Pinball Avengers Chronicles
  • Ms Splosion Man slingshot toy

3rd Place

  • 800 Microsoft Points
  • Code for Marvel Pinball Avengers Chronicles
  • Ms Splosion Man slingshot toy

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Brett Zeidler
Contributor and Engineer follow
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