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Our completely insane guide to everything Dtoid

4:00 PM on 02.16.2011 // Hamza CTZ Aziz

WTF is Destructoid?

Yes, we’ve become known in the videogame industry as the uncle that tells dirty jokes to little kids, but there's so much more to us.  

Sure, we write about games, have a character that appears in videogames, host get-togethers in real life, and possibly encourage heavy drinking amongst legal adults  ... but there's all these other things to Destructoid that needed to be documented for people who think we're "just a gaming news site."  Hell, these days its a small universe, this site.

My name is Hamza Aziz, the Community Director for Destructoid regional meet-up groups worldwide. Have a minute? Open your mind to my karate.

We cover videogames like no one else.

The short answer is probably "that gaming news site with the robot mascot and crazy community." That works.

Some say we became popular because of our mascot, that we'd argue that part is not *entirely* true. Though our mascot is known to pull some crazy stunts (the president of the ESA literally ran from him once) our articles were making the front pages of many sites months before the first helmet was ever made. The other common misconception is that we're a site entire run by a community, when we have a full-time staff. It's probably confusing because you rarely see such a tight-knit group of people that actually love working together and hanging out on their own time. We hire genuine, smart, awesome people and encourage diversity in cultures and opinions while kindly shooting each other in the face for fun.

So what exactly do we do here? 

Our staff represents some of the most vocal and obsessed gaming critics across America, Japan, the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. We are there in-person at the Tokyo Game Show, Penny Arcade Expo, and E3, and many other press-only events. We are judges at E3. We're not (all) fat guys covered in cheetos, but we all (mostly) love cheetos and the fat guys that love them. Our staff is arguably the best looking bunch in the gaming industry. Who wants to challenge the Destructoid team to a walk-off? While I'm at it, our community is sexy, too! Just don't look at the "take a photo when you woke up" forum thread. Scary stuff in there.

All jokes aside, it’s our passion to tell you about the latest and greatest in the world of gaming every day. News, reviews, previews, original videos, trailers, live shows, editorials, meet-ups, contests, mods, hacks -- you name it. If it's hot, we’ll be talking about it. It's not uncommon to see a Destructoid quote on a great game's box at a retail shelf.  No seriously, go pick up your copy of Wet and Forza 4 and look at the box. Or pay close attention to that bus driving around with the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood billboard. You'll find Destructoid wherever videogames are.



Our mascot/name/likeness has also been featured in a number of games which include: Bomberman Live (XBLA), Bomberman Ultra (PSN)PixelJAM's Dino Run (Web)Eternity's Child (PC)Agent MOO: Maximum Overdeath (XBLI), Raskulls (XBLA), Super Meat Boy (XBLA)BiteJacker (iOS), The Blocks Cometh (iPhone), Ms. Splosion Man (XBLA), Arcade Jumper (iOS) Ms. Splosion Man Pinball, Retro City Rampage (XBLA, WiiWare) and BurgerTime World Tour (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare)

How cool is that?

Back in 2006, Destructoid was a one-man Wordpress blog written by Yanier “Niero” Gonzalez, who later invited friends he met on forums to also contribute to the home page. Our coming of age story is awesome, go read it.


Your mom secretly reads us: Destructoid’s Network reaches over 3 million people and we publish thousands of stories every month -- that's over 30 stories EVERY. SINGLE. FRICKIN. DAY.  

What, you also want a celebrity endorsement? How about one from a celebrity videogame character? Here's both:

The best part: everything we do, every last bit of it, is completely free to our readers. All of it. Yep. 

We're apparently not that terrible at this: Destructoid has won three Webby Award Honorees/Nominations, 30 million video streams, and served over 350 million web pages. Take that, McDonald's! 

You can learn more about our readership on our company site, We are still owned by our founding bloggers. Yep. This makes us one of, if not the, largest independently-run videogame news source and community on the planet.

THE HOME PAGE is updated every twenty minutes with well-rounded videogame coverage from our in-house editorial and video teams. While we occasionally feature reader stories, our trained team does the heavy lifting. Our most popular stories are about new or unreleased games, including first-person shooters, MMOs, role-playing games, mobile games, indie games, and so much more. There’s something for everyone every day.

News travels fast off the home page, but you can always subscribe to our RSS feed to never miss a thing. Don’t care about a certain console? Want to only follow a specific game series? You can! All of our tags have individual RSS feeds, so you can follow along without having to see everything, if that’s what floats your boat.

Just click a tag that’s always located underneath every header image, look for the RSS icon and you’re subscribed. Here are our console RSS links to save you a step:

Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Apple/iPhone/iPad, PC, Wii/WiiU, DS/DSi, 3DS and VITA/PSP.

Our home page can be customized to suit the way you prefer to read articles. If you want to read every single detail, try the blog view. To quickly skim 50 headlines at a time, try the summary view. Lastly, our default view is “mixed,” which expands the popular articles while providing summaries for less popular or niche articles. You can switch between these at any time: look for the gear icon at the top right of the page.

Comments and Chat

You can comment on any story on Destructoid. Comments are moderated with a light hand -- we will not ban you to eternity for calling us out if we make typos, are incorrect on something, or have an unpopular opinion. Part of the reason we started Destructoid is because we HATED how other communities were run. That said, if you push the limits of common sense (i.e.: racism, sexism, etc.) we will destroy you and mail a bag of feces to your house.  

There's also a chat bar located on the lower right of the screen. You can pop up your own chat window with friends or turn it off completely. We think it's awesome.

Read Destructoid on the go:

We are one of the shortest gaming URLs you can type with your giant thumbs: just point your phone browser to and you’ll automatically be pointed to Dtoid Mobile: Toilet Edition, optimized for all you smartphone users.

[Remember E for All?  Probably not.  It just goes to show -- we're even at the weird/bad events. Journalism!]


Destructoid is EVERYWHERE! We go to all of the videogame expos -- big and small -- to bring you non-stop coverage, live from the show floors.

Destructoid also attends smaller, private showings by the developers and publishers of the games you love. Whether we visit Nintendo’s or Electronic Arts’ offices in Redwood City, California, or go on trips to New York City for THQ, we strive to bring you our unfiltered opinions on the games we see, no matter how much alcohol we can consume at the open bars.


Destructoid uses the FULL ten-point scale when we review games. This has generated controversy and debate, in and out of the videogame industry, but we are confident that our reviews are the most honest videogame assessments in the business. We stand by the belief that reviews are not objective fact sheets, but personal, subjective opinions. Read all about our ten point scale and reviews process here.

Destructoid also holds its Game of the Year awards at the end of the year, where we pick the one SINGLE game that was the best above all of the rest. Past winners include Super Mario Galaxy 2, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Left 4 Dead. We also award games based on graphics, storytelling, best DLC, score, competitive experiences, reader’s choice and more.


We not only bring you the news, but we also make it. Look at our original editorials.  There are so many! Commentary aside, there's also some fun oddities in there like The Destructoid Christmas albums or when our mascot was featured in games! Plus we get to do some pretty rad interviews.


Speaking of originals check out our expansive video section, organized by game platform and by our shows.  

The Destructoid Show

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, host Max Scoville brings  you the best gaming news of the week mixed in with a heaping helping of hilarity on the Destructoid Show. It’s free -- subscribe to the show on YouTube

Live Shows EVERY DAY

Mash Tactics is a community variety show featuring a new game every weekday at 4pm PST. Sup Holmes is our talk show starring Jonathan Holmes as he talks to game designers with all sorts of background about videogames.  Both are streamed on Destructoid.TV. Watch our home page for special events and time changes.

Audio podcasts

  • Podtoid Season 5: Podtoid is back. Starring Jonathan Holmes, Max Scoville, Andy Dixon, and Conrad Zimmerman. New episodes every Tuesdays. You can subscribe to us on iTunes and RSSbuy our Android App

The community also has various podcast series, all of which are detailed here.


The lack of any filters and our total transparency with our readership have become the mission of our company. We wouldn’t be here if it weren't for our readers, so our Rule #1 is obvious: Community first. The staff at Destructoid is just like you. We probably even smell the same. Destructoid is, above all, about giving our experience back to our readers.  We also encourage factions within our community to keep it small and intimate no matter how large we grow, which I’ll explain in great detail below.  


The first step: create your account! Duh.

Either sign up with an email address or use Facebook Connect to become a Dtoider. Once that less-than-ten-second process is complete, you’ll be able to upload pictures, share videos and send private messages to others.  

We strongly encourage to customize your profile. Don’t just be a faceless newb! Upload an avatar, customize your profile and tell us a little about yourself. You can be as anonymous as you’re comfortable with.

By signing up, you can write comments, create your own personal blog and submit stories for home page consideration, participate in forums, or join us in person at one of many regional events in major cities around the world. After you become addicted, you’ll find out there’s a whole other world of sub-groups and, by then, your friendship circle will magically grow. Despite the site’s success, our proudest achievement is just how many people we’ve brought together. FEELS GOOD MAN.  

Once you’re set up, you’ll be able to post comments on any blogs. We are pretty open when it comes to what you can say on Destructoid, and we want you to stir up discussion as much as possible. We just ask you to not be a complete racist, bigot, sexist douchebag. Don’t take yourself too seriously, either. Basically: DON’T SUCK.

(Art by deiga-the-semivalant. The flag means SHUT THE FUCK UP AND JUST PLAY GAMES. See Urban Dictionary)

Destructoid City Meet-up Groups + No Apparent Reason Parties

NARPs are a well-known thing around Destructoid. It’s basically whenever the community gathers in real life to have a good time. NARPs happen quite frequently and in a number of places like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, the UK, Australia and more. All of the city-based groups are detailed here; you can easily join up to have some fun with other Destructoid community members. Don’t see your city listed? Then make one happen!


Unlike our home page, our community blogs and forums are completely run voluntarily by people all over the world just like you. Here, you can write on any subject of your desire, and anyone can view and comment on your writing, too. Our crack team of C-Blog Recappers (all community members) will highlight their favorite blogs in their nightly recaps too.

Not only does the community read your blogs, but the staff does, too. We actively hunt for well-written blogs and promote them to the front page of Destructoid. A majority of our staff was brought on the team because of their work on the Community Blogs, in fact! The easiest way to be front-paged on Destructoid is by contributing to our Bloggers Wanted Assignment. Every two weeks, we think of a certain subject in the world of videogames that you can comment on in an editorial. Some of the most popular blogs may be promoted to the front page of Destructoid. We’re not just looking for well-thought-out pieces, though! Awesome videos, fan art and anything we or the community deem worthy can and will be front-paged. We want to represent everyone’s voice fairly.

Etiquette and blogging advice

A blog is a short, editorialized essay, whereas a forum is the start, middle, or end of a conversation. We offer both. Not knowing the difference is the fastest way to fail at life online, and at Destructoid in general.

Once you’ve set a blog live, it will appear on the main community blogs page. UNLIKE A PERSONAL STANDALONE BLOG, THIS IS A SHARED SPACE WHERE WE SHOWCASE YOUR WORK. The community frowns upon any type of spamming, so space out the amount of blogs you do since you’ll push down other blogs. Go for quality instead of quantity -- that makes *all* the difference. Blogs are voted up by readers and staff, so make a good impression!


The forums are our other exotic island paradise, and even the toughest cynics flee there to have a good time and get away from smelly bloggers, IRC goons, and Google Group users. We understand the importance of subcommunities, so united and divided we stand -- whatever you’re into, dude.

A forum account is a separate account (for now, we’ll unify this someday) from the main page, so you’ll have to register again. It’s worth it, though. To quote Mxy, our head forum czar and deputy sheriff:

Yes, Destructoid has Forums! Have something to say, but it’s better suited to an on-going discussion rather than a front page comment or a cblog? In the Forums you can talk with Dtoiders about games, the site, or practically any other topic out there.

Forum sights to see 

 Want to get together with other community members and play some games or organize a tournament? Check out the Friday Night Fights + Meetup & Play forum. If you’re one of those oddballs who actually enjoy socializing in person, the Dtoid Regional Groups and NARP planning threads in the Community Meet-ups section is for you. If you want to make sure your old games go to a good home while scoring some new titles for yourself, then visit the Trade Yo Games forum. If you’d like to get together and geek out with fans of Destructoid’s various Shows & Podcasts or share your own projects with the community, we’ve got you covered!

The Forums community is a bit more closely-knit than you’ll find at most other gaming sites. We’re very proud and protective of our little corner of Destructoid, but as long as you remember Rule #1 (Don’t suck!), you’ll do just fine. Stop on by, introduce yourself, and let us get to know you!


As Professor Pew states, The Unofficial Destructoid IRC channel is where you can talk in real time with a group of Dtoiders. A lot of people in there have been regulars for years now, and chatting can go pretty fast (or really slow) at times, so don’t feel offended if you don’t get a direct reply immediately. Like the forums, it is a place to hang out and have fun, and no topic is really off limits as long as doesn’t become tiring.

IRC has a largely UK and Euro crowd active during the European daytime, while most Americans tend to hop in whenever they wake up properly. Especially during live streams of events like E3 or the VGAs, you can always jump into IRC to go "oohhh I want that" or point and laugh at something being ridiculous. Or just hop in if you’re bored!

There are a lot of ways to connect to the room, but this guide might help you along.

Friday Night Fights and The Destructoid Steam Group

Each week, a bunch of Destructoid readers and usually an editor or two get together to play some videogames online. Basically, this is what Friday Night Fights are all about.

The planning for FNF takes place in the forums, where community members volunteer to host by posting their information (gamertag, time to meet up, game, etc.) in the forum post corresponding to the system they're interested in playing on.

Then, every Friday, reminder posts for those who don't read the forums regularly go up in the community blogs 


Mash Tactics Live

Every weekdays at 4PM PST and weekends at 4PM, hosts Carnage and Pico plus other Destructoid staff bring you hours of entertainment as we live-stream on http://Justin.TV/Destructoid. The show IS live, so anything goes: it’s all completely unpredictable. We’ve played games half-naked, we’ve played new releases weeks before their official release and there’s just no telling what could happen in a given day.

(Image by Dtoid's comics editor Mikey Turvey.  THIS IS ACTUALLY TATTOOED ON A DUDE, PEOPLE)



Hey, we’re on Twitter! You can subscribe to two flavors of Destructoid - the full feed @Destructoid (which tweets every frigging story) or smaller semi-hourly updates instead by follow @Dtoid on Twitter for an alternative feed to our daily news. Plus, sometimes I give away free codes/drunk Tweet on accident because I clicked the wrong thing on TweetDeck because I was drunk.


Go Like us! Our Facebook group is a more streamlined feed of only our original videos and top stories, and you’ll get our best stories in our friend feed. Plus you can stalk our Associate Editors and look at their ugly mugs.


Occasionally, we’ll throw a ridiculous party and all the photos end up here in high resolution.

Wallpapers and icons

Community member bushofghosts made a set of animated Destructoid heads perfect for any comment or forum usage. Download the pack here.

Need a new desktop background too? We got you covered with dozens of wallpapers that feature Mr. Destructoid right here.


We give away a lot of stuff. In fact, we gave over $30,000 in prizes in 2010. We love giving back as much as we can and we do some kind of giveaway each week. Keep up to date with the contest page to see what you can easily nab.


Consumer whorism! Yes, we sell shirts and we have over a dozen designs. Some of them were created by other community members, in fact! Not only do we sell shirts, but we have beanies and stickers for sale too. REPRESENT!


Destructoid is all about giving back and we've held a number of charity events to raise money for good causes. Most recently, we've raised over $6,000 for the 24-hour gaming marathon Extra Life and over $7,000 for the Charity Water organization to build a clean water well in Africa.



Have a news tip, want us to cover something? Send your links to tips[@]
Need to talk to the Editor-in-Chief? Contact dale[@]
Want to send us a game/product to review? Contact chriscarter[@]
Advertising inquiries? Contact paul[@]
Who is in charge here?  Reach our CEO directly: Contact hamza[@]
Contest Questions/tech issues/abuse? Contact support[@]
For everything else, contact our founder/robot/jefe  niero[@]

Destructoid’s mailing address is located at:

548 Market Street #59757
San Francisco, CA 94104

And that’s Destructoid in an extremely over-sized nutshell.We hope you enjoy your stay and become active enough to the point that memes are born about you (it happens!) Now go have some fun. 


ou can subscribe to us on iTunes and RSSbuy our Android App

 Setup email comments

Unsavory comments? Please report harassment, spam, and hate speech to our community fisters, and flag the user (we will ban users dishing bad karma). Can't see comments? Apps like Avast or browser extensions can cause it. You can fix it by adding * to your whitelists.

Status updates from C-bloggers

Nekrosys avatarNekrosys
So... how long is it until we get the inevitable Colonial Marines or Ride to Hell: Retribution PS4/Xbox One re-releases?
SeymourDuncan17 avatarSeymourDuncan17
Screw Bloodborne. I finally managed to overcome not tearing up while listening to the entirety of Never More. Git gud! [youtube][/youtube]
NYCpunk avatarNYCpunk
you know what's not okay? scalpers with 10 copies of fire emblem fates SE on ebay for $200+. and no one is saying anything.
ChrisHannard avatarChrisHannard
Fallout 4 wouldn't be Fallout with ridiculous glitches and shenanigans. Here are a few I've run into - [youtube][/youtube]
StriderHoang avatarStriderHoang
I've never earnestly went drinking before so it's cool to know I'm the slow, sleepy, impaired type.
The Dyslexic Laywer avatarThe Dyslexic Laywer
Got to admit I didn't expect to find a mewtwo amiibo at my bookstore of all places...
Mike Martin avatarMike Martin
My cousin found out I slept with his girlfriend and is pissed. Understandable. I am totally sick of the angry phone calls though. It reminds me so much of playing Call of Duty online. The screaming 11 year olds suck on there too.
OverlordZetta avatarOverlordZetta
Huh. Apparently even Japan has a Black Friday sale going on on PSN right now.
Lawman avatarLawman
Yes, Resident Evil: Revelations 2, I know that somebody has 2,625 more medallions than me. No, Resident Evil: Revelations 2, I don't really care.
Dr Mel avatarDr Mel
This fucking Bloodborne DLC, jesus. I'm on new game+, about level 90, and shit just tears my dick off. I don't know if I want to start another guy just to avoid NG+ and level him up, etc. sigh....
Shinta avatarShinta
Wii U, top selling black friday item on Take that you anti-Wii U people.
CoilWhine avatarCoilWhine
I am pretty hyped for when I get a laptop because I'll be able to have a good enough connection to stream XbOne/soon PS4 games to it along with natively rendered Steam games. Hype!
Avoclefo avatarAvoclefo
Got a PS4 that came with SW Battlefront this week, and planning on picking up the FFX/X-2 remake. Hype is through the roof, especially for FFX. If I were to get one other game, what should it be?
Niero Desu avatarNiero Desu
Did a google maps search around my parents house for bars and there isn't one in like 25 miles, so I picked up an Intel compute stick and South Park: Stick of Truth on Steam. That's more or less the drunken screaming I'm in the mood for at about the cost.
OrochiLeona avatarOrochiLeona
Do you ever have that moment of clarity when talking to someone and suddenly realising: You're just a skull, and they're just a skull, with fucking eyeballs and a sac of skin being the only comparative difference between you visually? ..just me then?
Nathan D avatarNathan D
After quitting for two days out of frustration, I beat Ludwig on my first try of the night. I'm on cloud fucking nine right now.
Pixie The Fairy avatarPixie The Fairy
When I did my retail shift today, we were moving more Smash/Splat Wii U bundles and the Gears/Rare Replay/Ori XB1 bundles than Uncharted and Battlefront PS4s. I think Nintendo and MS have better value on their side this holiday. Sony got lazy.
Confuseddalek avatarConfuseddalek
I found this weird game called Samurai Heroes for 8 dollars today. Its not bad.
Solar Pony Django avatarSolar Pony Django
Got Deadpool, Arkham Asylum and BioShock 1 and 2 all for 30$. Not to bad for going Black Friday shopping late.
RadicalYoseph avatarRadicalYoseph
If you haven't played Tales from the Borderlands yet, GO BUY IT! By far the funniest game I have ever played, and the characters and narrative are incredibly well written. Very few memes unlike BL2 by the way.
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