*You can fly a tank in Battlefield 4's beta...kind of
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You can fly a tank in Battlefield 4's beta...kind of

3:00 AM on 10.08.2013  ·  Steven Hansen@dtoidsteven

It's more like falling with style.

It's more like falling with style.

Battlefield 4 is in beta. This means a lot of things aren't working right. And some are working too right. Take this collapsed building, for example. It's one heck of a wreck, but its elevator keeps on chugging, freighting passengers up to the top floor and letting them off.

Some enterprising beta testers have already used this to their advantage. See below. Some beta testers more in line with my train of thought -- or should I say tank of thought? -- had an extra idea. Let the tank ride the elevator. Oh, yes.

Excellent Battlefield 4 Beta Elevator Shoots Players Into the Sky [Kotaku]

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YouTube user Stun_Gravy makes good use of Battlefield 4's point feature,


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