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3:45 PM on 12.20.2013

A pretty hilarious trailer for the Yoshi's Island DLC in Sonic Lost World

Sonic Lost World got some Yoshi's Island downloadable content this week and Sega is promoting the new content in such a '90s way. I love it.

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Hamza CTZ Aziz
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12:00 PM on 03.27.2014
Sonic Lost World update

Impressions: Sonic Lost World The Legend of Zelda Zone

The blue blur dons a green getup
10:05 AM on 03.26.2014
Sonic Lost World update

Sega confirms Legend of Zelda and Sonic Lost World crossover date

Now entering 'The Legend of Zelda Zone'
11:45 AM on 12.18.2013
Sonic Lost World update

Impressions: Sonic Lost World Yoshi's Island Zone

A very brief, but welcome joyride
10:30 AM on 12.11.2013
Sonic Lost World update

Sonic Lost World gets a Wii U patch to make it easier

100 rings nets you extra lives
3:00 PM on 11.05.2013
Sonic Lost World update

Sonic Lost World crashes and burns in Japanese debut

There's a new blue bomber in town
4:53 AM on 10.18.2013
Sonic Lost World update

Review: Sonic Lost World

Sonic boon!
9:30 PM on 10.01.2013
Sonic Lost World update

WTF: Sonic Lost World's pre-order bonus is extra lives

25 extra lives because game companies don't care about you
10:00 AM on 09.05.2013
Sonic Lost World update

There's some hope for Sonic Lost World

The new Sonic is looking kind of good!
3:00 AM on 08.28.2013
Sonic Lost World update

Sonic comic writer will play Lost World for charity

The 24-hour livestream will be held on October 26

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