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YES! New Arkham Origins DLC is likely Mr. Freeze related

Chris Carter

Reviews Director

9:10 AM on 01.01.2014

Ice to see this

When the Batman: Arkham Origins Facebook page teased an event happening at the Humanitarian Awards, many of our readers guessed that it was a reference to an episode of Batman: The Animated Series. Well it appears as if they're right, as the crew has just revealed a picture for a new story DLC coming in 2014, and it's completely frozen over.

Yep, although they haven't come out and said it, it's more likely than not that Mr. Freeze will be heading up this add-on. I don't have any real confidence in Warner Bros. Montreal in terms of producing DLC, but that doesn't stop me from rooting for one of my favorite Batman villains. I'm sure some people are tired of Mr. Freeze after Arkham City, but I can't get enough of him, personally -- and if done right (just rip off The Animated Series, guys), this DLC could have a pretty killer story.

Batman Arkham [Facebook]


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Chris Carter
Reviews Director follow

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