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Yep, Twisted Metal is getting an online pass

8:40 AM on 01.23.2012

Jim Sterling

Former Reviews Editor

Despite David Jaffe stating he didn't want one, Twisted Metal is getting itself a lovely, shiny, pretty little online pass. Because inconveniencing all your customers is what gaming is all about. 

It's absolutely not suprising, because Sony told Destructoid that it planned to put online pass in pretty much every single game it publishes. Nevertheless, I fully intend to post a story for every online pass I see, because it will never become banal or boring to me.

The second it becomes a mundane story, unfit for posting, is the second it becomes acceptable, and I don't think online passes will ever be an acceptable response to the used game market. It's just more controlling, possessive behavior from the corporate equivalent of a jealous husband. 

So yeah, Twisted Metal is getting an online pass, and that's rubbish.

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Jim Sterling
Former Reviews Editor follow

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