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12:00 PM on 10.09.2012

Jim Sterling

Former Reviews Editor

Two hot games, one launch day

If there's one thing my Twitter feed has been telling me this week, it's that gamers are desperately choosing between XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Dishonored, two good looking games that, in their own ways, stand out among the generic "me too" games of the season. 

Don't look at us for any help. We reviewed Dishonored, we reviewed XCOM, and both games reached a well-deserved draw in the score stakes, each sitting pretty at a 9.0. 

As the "AAA" season truly kicks off, gamers face tough choices about where to spend their limited funds. Decisions like this are always tough, which is why we're making it tougher and demanding that you choose. Of course, you can be a clever-clogs and say "both" or "neither," but you're the one nobody liked in school, so screw you. 

This is all before we factor in the Retro City Rampage wild card, too. Damn it. 


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