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XCOM: Enemy Within: Ghost robots & transhumanism

9:30 PM on 08.31.2013

Steven Hansen

Features Editor

I asked for this

You're well Enemy Within your rights to be upset with the lackluster The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, but when you remember that XCOM: Enemy Unknown was excellent, you should be back to appropriate levels of excitement for its expansion, Enemy Within.

This new trailer shows off some of the new alien units that want to cleave your stupid human face. New additions include the Seeker, shown off in this trailer, which is like a mix between the mechanical squids of The Matrix and the alien ghosts from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. That's the first thing I thought of, anyway.

Also on display is some transhumanism. Seems you can biologically or cybernetically augment and alter your soldiers. Apparently, "These soldiers sacrifice much, but gain never before discovered combat effectiveness." I wonder if this sacrifice is purely aesthetic or reflected in gameplay. Anyone planning on playing the game straight up with pure, good old fashion human DNA and biology?

Dale dug the game when he checked it out at gamescom. It'll be coming as a $30 PC expansion on November 12, though you can also nab it bundled with Enemy Unknown (and all its previous DLC) on PS3 and 360 for $40.

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Steven Hansen
Features Editor follow

2:30 PM on 11.12.2014
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XCOM: Enemy Within announced for November 12!

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