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Xbox exec: New Crackdown will be a showcase for evolution of cloud power

6:30 PM on 06.10.2014 // Brett Makedonski

Makes sense from a company named Cloudgine

Microsoft's long sang the praises of the power of the cloud, especially with regard to Xbox One. One of the games announced yesterday during the Xbox press conference may be a shining example of what the cloud can do.

Today, I sat down with Redmond Game Studios general manager Matt Booty, the division that's working directly with many of the titles featured during the press conference. When Crackdown came up, he didn't have much to share apart from some broad stroke ideals for the game. "Crackdown is going to be a showcase for where Xbox Live is headed in terms of evolution of servers, and evolution of cloud power," he said.

That makes perfect sense because Xbox head Phil Spencer recently confirmed via Twitter that a tech demo built to highlight the potential of the cloud was early work on Crackdown. Supposedly, the end result here will be impressive and unheard of levels of building destruction. And, the cloud makes that all possible.

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