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Winners of the Gotham City Impostors contest!

1:00 PM on 11.04.2011 // Hamza CTZ Aziz

We teamed up with the fine folks behind Gotham City Impostors to give away a console of your choice plus five copies of Gotham City Impostors and t-shirts. All you had to do to enter was create your own homemade Batman or Joker-like costumes similar to how the character in Gotham City Impostors do it.

We got a ton of great entries but there can only be one. Congrats to Gryn who spent four days working on his costume and all the weapons. He broke down all the work he put into the costume below. For his hard work, Gryn will be getting a PlayStation 3 system, the game and shirt.

The four runner-ups who will each be getting Gotham City Impostors and a t-shirt are Alan Wake, frisbee god, Alexander Berlingieri and MrDandyMan! Thanks again to everyone that entered! Be sure to check out our Modern Warfare 3 + GUNNAR Optiks contest or our Xbox 360 + Modern Warfare 3 contest for more chances at winning free stuff!

Gryn: Hey there, I've spent nearly 4 days working on this costume along with the weapon and gadget props.


The hat was hand made to emulate the aviator-esque hat featured in the game. I used swimming goggles and drilled holes into each eye piece, then I inserted yellow LEDs into the holes, and attached a battery to each LED on the inside of the goggles. The cape is just fleece cut at the end, and the pins are yellow foam hot glued to safety pins. The shirt is a blue t-shirt with a hand sewn felt emblem. It should be noted that I am also wearing batman boxer shorts, that I had no part in creating, but thought it would be most appropriate. The kneepads are made from painter pads with the Batman symbol spray painted on.

I might have missed something, but rest assured everything but the boxers and the gloves were made either from scratch or branded by myself.


I used various plumbing bits and pieces to create the Rocket Launcher (Thunder Dragon) and spray painted the outside of it. I couldn't get my hands on a spare bike break/handle so I improvised and used a clamp. I cut the top of a 2 liter soda bottle and attached it to the front.

The Marshal was made from a BB gun that I found in the basement, and instead of trying to match it to the game's version I decided to keep with the Batman theme instead. The Jack-In-The-Box was made from an arts and craft box that I spray painted. The dynamite was made from tubing and foam glued to the outside of it. The pipe bombs are also spare plumbing parts that were sprayed with metallic spray paint. Wrapped with plastic trash bag lining.

This has been a labor of love and I hope everyone enjoys the final result as much as I do. It was a lot of fun participating in this contest, and can't wait until the game's launch! Good luck to all other contestants, and happy post Halloween :-P

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