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Winners announced! Nintendo "Bigger Is Better" boxers on parade

5:42 PM on 04.27.2007  ·  Niero


Destructoid photoshop contests are always a reminder of just how much our community F*CKING RULES! I'd like to thank everyone who participated, dutifuly putting in the time to attach underwear to everything from popular video game characters right down to our executive editor's forehead. You are all very creative, and we fully intend on getting you drunk and knocking you up in the future. Here's the list of today's winners. Special thanks to PacoDG, who's creations gave Jesus a run for his Birkenstocks.


GRAND PRIZES - A new pair of Nintendo "Bigger is Better" boxers and a Destructoid Also, Cocks shirt!  Plus something random from my dad's toolshed or archipelago.

01. PacoDG
02. SilverHertz
03. Splam

RUNNER UPS - Dtoid Shirts and a receipt from the last time I went to BK with cash

04. Eques-Ardor (tied)
05. Velcroman (tied)
06. Pyramid Head
07. Rasberry Jowls
08. Wa-Keen
09. Don_Other
10. JoePekula

You know the dilli-o: send me an email with your shipping info (from your registered Dtoid account email address) and I'll get the goods to you in a week or so.

A new contest is coming up next week, so if you didn't win you'll have another opportunity to rob us blind very shortly.  Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for supporting  Destructoid. Also, cocks. 


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#Contests #How many wolves have to die? #Nintendo #Photos #Simply Amazing
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