Win Ninja Gaiden & Dynasty Warriors PS Vita games!

4:30 PM on 03.15.2012

Hey everybody! I don't know if you caught yesterday's Destructoid Show (see above), but we're having a contest for some awesome portable stabbing simulators. Tecmo Koei was kind enough to send over three (3) copies of Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and three (3) copies of Dynasty Warriors Next to give away on the show. The rules are simple:

Take pictures of yourself in the best costume you can make of: A) a ninja or B) a Dynasty Warrior. Email them to by this Sunday, March 18th, at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

Now, let me clarify that we're not looking for a super-accurate homemade replica of Ryu Hayabusa's outfit, or anything like that. Have fun with it, get silly. Put on a bathrobe and a scarf and make some epic poses with a broom or wrap a teeshirt around your head and make some tinfoil shurikens.

Common sense would dictate that if you want Ninja Gaiden, dress like a ninja, and if you want Dynasty Warriors, dress like whatever the hell Dynasty Warriors are. Mongol lampshade wizards or whatever. Winners will be picked based on creativity and originality, and bonus points will be awarded if you're holding a PS Vita. That way we know you're not just gonna trade in the game and buy Poképark 2 or something.

Once again, it pains me to say that this contest is US ONLY. If you have access to a US address, that works too.

(I seriously feel like a jerk every time we do a US only contest, because I know you guys are scattered all over the world. It's not because I don't love you. There's some legal/tax BS, and we honestly don't have the budget for shipping or a matter-teleporter.)

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