*Win Hector: We Negotiate with Terrorists from Telltale
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Win Hector: We Negotiate with Terrorists from Telltale


Telltale has released the first episode of Hector: Badge of Carnage today for PC and Mac. I've spent about an hour playing and it's probably the saltiest adventure game since Leisure Suit Larry. An early puzzle, for example, involved a used condom, a severed foot and fecal matter. Kind of gross, sure, but Hector is shaping up to be pretty funny.

Want a chance to play Hector: We Negotiate with Terrorists for free? We're giving away ten copies of the game and all you have to do to win is make a caption for the above screenshot in the comments. We'll pick our ten favorites over the weekend and those what wrote the comments we select will receive the first episode of Hector on PC or Mac. 

Get crackin' folks.


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