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Win an Official Dead Rising 2 Vs Destructoid t-shirt

2010-09-23 13:40:00  ยท  Hollie Bennett

Like zombies? Like Destructoid? Like the plastic-y smell of tape and live in Europe? Then this is the competition for you! Capcom Europe have made us some exclusive Dead Rising 2 Vs Destructoid themed t-shirts and all you have to do to win is "tape it or die."

Dead Rising 2 features mass weapon customization allowing players to take any two items and add them together to help you desecrate the zombie horde. All you have to do to win is post a comment telling me what two items you would add together to make your perfect weapon. You can write about it, photo edit it, or make it out of clay for all I care. You cannot physically make it since I assure you that will only end very badly.

We have 28 of the t-shirts to give out that either come in large or extra large size. Make sure you tell me which one you want in your post -- first come, first served. One entry per person and the contest is open to European residents only. You have until September 24 at 11:59PM GMT to enter. Good luck!


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