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WildStar reveals its final two classes: Medic & Engineer

1:30 PM on 12.03.2013

Chris Carter

Reviews Director

Every class can deal damage

The remaining classes for the upcoming MMO WildStar have been revealed -- the Medic and the Engineer. The former is described as an "ultra-high-tech close range hybrid healer" with the ability to do damage, and the latter's specs and playstyle hasn't been fully explained yet (although I'm guessing they'll play some sort of support role).

More information on both classes is coming soon (December 11th), including a video on the new classes later today. The biggest phase of the WildStar beta is also scheduled to begin later this month, so check your email in the coming weeks for an invite.

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Chris Carter
Reviews Director
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6:00 AM on 04.16.2015
WildStar update

Wildstar's been pulled from shelves. Might be dropping the sub fee?

Shocking absolutely nobody
4:00 PM on 09.08.2014
WildStar update

Review: WildStar

A great alternative MMO
4:00 PM on 07.07.2014
WildStar update

Review in Progress: WildStar (Mid-levels)

Levels 14-30
9:00 AM on 06.03.2014
WildStar update

WildStar's server status seems stable for today's launch

PVP and PVE are good to go
4:00 PM on 06.02.2014
WildStar update

Review in Progress: WildStar (Early-Access)

The first three days
12:00 PM on 05.14.2014
WildStar update

WildStar's raids sound pretty incredible if you're dedicated enough

I see lots of endless nights in your future
4:00 PM on 05.06.2014
WildStar update

WildStar's 10-day open beta begins this week

Grab a beta key on Thursday
11:00 AM on 04.14.2014
WildStar update

WildStar's developers seem to be taking endgame content seriously

Yes! Yes! Yes!
9:00 AM on 03.12.2014
WildStar update

Carbine Studios announces WildStar release date

Set to arrive in June
6:15 PM on 02.01.2014
WildStar update

WildStar lets you customize the crap out of everything

Make rainbows in the sky!

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