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wiiBay idiot buys Best Buy receipt

2:18 PM on 12.16.2006

More like WORST BUY AM I RITE!?!1

I sure do love eBay. Not that I would ever buy anything from that God-forsaken land of scammers, high prices, and weird Asian shit, but seeing stupid people do stupid things really makes me feel good about myself. That, and beating women.

So of course I was elated to stumble upon this little, delicious morsel of Wiitardation  this morning. God, I'd love to punch that stupid soccer mom right in the face. Did you even read the auction's title? THIS IS WHY YOU SUCK AT DRIVING!

In all seriousness, though, when an eBay auction like this is seen, is that a testament to the console's pull, or to people's stupidity? Obviously people's stupidity. Not like robots could ever take over someone's mind, right?

Oh, wait.

[Image courtesy of: My Confined Space. Thanks to Kevin Cortez for the eBay link.]

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