What if Flappy Bird and Candy Crush rocked vintage covers? - destructoid

What if Flappy Bird and Candy Crush rocked vintage covers?

7:30 PM on 05.28.2014

Brittany Vincent

Former Associate Editor

They might look a little something like this

Ever wonder what Flappy Bird or Angry Birds would have looked like in a different, much simpler time? A time like the early '80s and '90s? Dorkly has made it possible with these absolutely ridiculous vintage covers.

You've got Candy Crush Saga (dat bulge), 2048, and Temple Run as well, each with gleefully retro covers. I especially like the Temple Run cover's faux shrinkwrap. Also, the sheer anguish on poor Flappy's face properly mirrors how we all feel about that game, I believe.

If Mobile Games Had Vintage Covers [Dorkly]

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Brittany Vincent
Former Associate Editor follow
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