Watch hour-long Beyond scene and trailer on stream - destructoid

Watch hour-long Beyond scene and trailer on stream

11:00 AM on 04.26.2013

Live from Tribeca Film Festival

Just because I'm in New York this weekend covering Beyond: Two Soul's presence at the Tribeca Film Festival, doesn't mean you have to. Have to be in New York that is, since the hour-long clip and trailer will be live streamed (and then reposted to numerous illegitimate YouTube channels, undoubtedly). You can find the stream below, so bookmark this page. The panel that will follow won't be streamed, but you'll be able to find it on PlayStation Blog this Saturday.

Nevertheless, I feel an intense need to self promote and insist that you standby for my coverage of an event that already transpired. Don't cry for me, readers, as I'm having plenty of fun in New York with its wonderful Spring weather, quality lattes, and fatty Italian dinners. Attending the event in a crowded room stuffed full of sweaty game journalists may not be ideal, but how else am I going to get within poking distance of Dtoid's patron saint (and slender beefcake) Willem Dafoe?

Stay tuned to Destructoid for coverage out of Tribeca -- not to mention Flixist for film reviews -- and tune into the live stream if you fancy, you fancy reader you.

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Allistair Pinsof

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Allistair Pinsof

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