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Watch Dogs' DEDSEC collector's edition revealed

11:00 AM on 09.11.2013

Chris Carter

Reviews Director

A minor upgrade from the limited edition version

Watch Dogs is nearly here, and in true Ubisoft fashion you'll be able to choose from multiple collector's editions. One such choice is the Watch Dogs "DEDSEC_EDITION." It'll come with an Aiden Pearce figurine, an 80-page artbook, four AR cards, a steelbook case, the game's soundtrack, an a map of the game's version of Chicago. It'll also ship with a few in-game bonuses, which mostly look like cheat codes.

This edition is apparently exclusive to Europe, the Middle-East, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand.

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Well, two, if you count the RC toy car
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I don't know who's buying this justification, though
It probably still won't look like the E3 build, though
So, mod tools are still an amazing thing
My tin foil hat told me it already does watch us

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