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Wargaming kicks off their own pro gaming eSports league

9:32 AM on 02.12.2013

Dale North

Former Dtoid EIC

$2.5 million prize pool

Wargaming has announced their new eSports professional gaming league for MMO World of Tanks. The launch takes place this quarter, and has a structure not unlike other competitive gaming events, meaning you can expect tourneys, playoffs and a Grand Finals event. The prize pool for 2013? Try $2.5 million. 

Damn, I need to look into eSports as a career. 

Wargaming plans to roll into the competitive gaming space with this move. This lets them get their game in front of pro players to expand their player base. They hope that this league will help bridge the gap between World of Tanks' communities, which are now divided by large bodies of water. 

World of Tanks had its eSports debut at WCG 2012 Grand Finals in Kunshan, China last year.

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Dale North
Former Dtoid EIC
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