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Want another new Metroid game? Check out Minitroid

7:00 AM on 08.22.2010

Metroid: Other M may scare me, but that's not because I'm sure the game will be bad. It's just hard to know if something so different will live up to Metroid's illustrious history. That's probably why I find Minitroid so comforting. It's a Metroid 2-influenced game with new gameplay mechanics and super-low resolution graphics. While every game since the first Metroid has worked to give Samus an increasingly realistic look, Minitroid goes the other way, and it pays off big time. This is Metroid by way of Cave Story, and I'm loving it.

The project is clearly ready to play, but I haven't found a playable build of it anywhere. It's been in the works for a little while, as proven by this older video of the game in action, so I know it's out there. We just need the game's developer, someone named Tokinsom, to let us have it. If you're reading this Tokinsom, I could help you get this game done. If you need a Spartan-suit Mario, Anthony Burch, Robocop, or Edgar Wright sprite sheet, I've already got you covered.

Minitroid- [Tiny Cartridge]

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