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Want absurd numbers? Here's a Call of Duty infographic

11:45 AM on 11.04.2013

Darren Nakamura

Associate Editor

Billions and billions of SCARs

Call of Duty is a cultural phenomenon; we all know that by now. Still, the numbers that the franchise puts up are staggering. Not only does the series make truckloads of money, but it also consumes countless man-hours of time.

For me, the most striking piece of information in the graphic below is the number of respawns that players have experienced in online multiplayer: nearly 2 quadrillion. That is roughly 266,000 for each person currently alive on Earth. Imagine every single person on the planet playing Call of Duty long enough to die and respawn 266,000 times. What's completely bonkers is it is still only a fraction of the total population who plays, so those who do are hitting numbers even higher than that to bring the average up.


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Darren Nakamura
Associate Editor

11:30 AM on 06.20.2014
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