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Vtoid: Win Lost Planet 2 multiplayer beta keys now!


Capcom's Community Specialist, the amazing Shawn Baxter, and I had a moment to talk about what the gaming community can expect with Lost Planet 2's ambitious multiplayer. Bigger and badder is the overall consensus when Capcom began building the multiplayer experience for its sci-fi sequel, and it handsomely delivers both.

The best part is you can sit there for the next three minutes and watch my interview... or you can login to Twitter right now and win yourself the opportunity to join the closed Lost Planet 2 Mulitplayer Beta!

Here's how it works. Login in to your Twitter account now and make sure you're following our Video.Destructoid Twitter account, @Vtoid.

Beta key for PlayStation 3, Tweet:
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We only have 25 Beta keys to give away for each console, and you must be following @Vtoid to receive your Direct Message with your code!

Good luck, and watch the video goodness while you're at it!


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